Every time someone tells me that Cate Blanchett isn’t gay I am just like “Are we really *sure* about that?!” Because if she’s straight then we should just cancel the voting for best actress every year and just hand her the trophy. No one can top that performance.

(Cue Wednesday’s joke)

@AudreyJune is this Wednesday me or am I lost? Because my name is Avery but I'm doing Wednesday Addams cosplay aaa

@beegrrl no like, Wednesday refers to the joke I made 2 days ago about “No one can top that”

@AudreyJune oooohhhh

Sorry my intuition is bad in real world contexts

@AudreyJune seriously tho what’s up with that, I’ve seen oceans 8 and that is a gay ass performance (we just won’t talk about the weird shifting accent)

@AudreyJune Noémie Merlant in Portrait of a Lady on Fire is so my type

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