Nothing makes me cry as quickly as trans kids getting unconditional love and support from their parents.

I just read one now that had a paragraph towards the end that read:

“But then I stopped crying. Because as much as I feel I’ve struggled, it will be so much harder for her. And while we already have a few people in our lives who are vocally unsupportive - we have an INCREDIBLE, AMAZING group of people that have never made her feel more loved.”

A parent that gets it. A parent that knows it isn’t about them.

@AudreyJune yes! i think i breathed a sigh of relief when i saw that, because so many people don't seem to get past the "i'm crying at what it feels like i've lost" part.

i do think that this story is a reminder that telling even very young children about trans, non-binary, and intersex people is a really good idea! learning about it at 5 is still so much better than how it's been in the past, but what if children *always* knew that they had options beside their assigned gender?


@caprimoon one thing that i love about the story is that it really puts to death the lie that having wide gender norms can replace transition. This child had free reign to be any kind of boy she wanted to be and still realized at 5 years old that ultimately there is no flavor of boy that works when you are in fact a girl.

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