Let’s make a trans zine! 

Let’s make a trans zine! 

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Let’s make a trans zine! 

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We’re about 2 weeks away from the deadline, and I just want to encourage anyone who feels like they can put there story into words to please share.

You may not think your story is compelling but I promise you that it is important. Sharing our stories and listening to each other is super important.

I want to hear about your childhoods, your 20’s, your teens. Tell me us how you figured out you were trans, how you came out.

What was it like for you as people around you reacted. So often we hear what it is like for our loved ones when we come out—let’s center trans folx instead.

Tell me us all about your life.

One week left for submissions, and there is definitely space for you.


I can also give a couple more details that I don’t think I have announced before. The size of the zine will be 5.5x8 inches, and in full color, for the art and photo contributions.

Really looking forward to what comes in at the end.

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Folks, if you have something to contribute for @AudreyJune 's trans zine, I encourage you to do it. You are important and your expressions deserve to be heard and published

@AudreyJune My contribution is nearly done, and I'm really proud of how it's shaping up so far. :)

CW abuse mention, slurs 

CW abuse mention, slurs 

CW abuse mention, slurs 

CW abuse mention, slurs 

CW abuse mention, slurs 

CW abuse mention, slurs 

CW abuse mention, slurs 

@AudreyJune hiya, i emailed u with some Qs. Idk if u'll see that or this first

@AudreyJune i have totally been procrastinating on putting something together to submit 😬

Cannot focus to write at the moment.
Artwork for it was done ages ago, then things spiralled again.

Will see if we can get it together after the weekend.

@gasp i mean, why do you think I took the submissions??

If nothing else, it makes me accountable to other folx.

@AudreyJune oooh. If I have any bandwidth this week I'll put something together

@AudreyJune I think I suddenly know what I'd want to do for this, but idk if I'll be able to try n do an art before this week is over

@AudreyJune hmmmmm this is a reasonably good motivator to throw something together

@AudreyJune it was! now I just gotta scan it. what's a good format for a multi-page art submission?

@callie hmmm. Pdf? I am not actually sure. 😆

Maybe I should ask @nova ?

@AudreyJune @nova pdf should be safe but I'll defer to your technical staff 😉

@AudreyJune @callie are the edges of the pages intended to line up? probably the best is TIFF if you can manage it

@AudreyJune @callie if you want an image to span two pages just send it as one big 11x8 file

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