Let’s make a trans zine! 

Now accepting submissions for
*TransMission(s)*, a collaborative zine by and for the transgender community. Our first issue will be under the theme of “Reclaiming our Narrative.” Our stories have been told by others for so long and consistently manipulated and warped to fit agendas and spread misinformation. When we speak with our own voice we back against these decades of gaslighting and lift each other up.

We’re looking for:
-short fiction

Any proceeds of sales will go to paying printing costs first, contributors second, and editors last.

Let’s make a trans zine! 

One thing I really want to stress here is the inclusivity of this zine. I really hope that a diverse array of experiences can be shown from across the gender spectrum by folx of different races, nationalities, genders etc.

If you are thinking “well, my experience is ___, she doesn’t want to hear from me” you would be wrong. I would be delighted to get more submissions than can possibly be printed in one issue, and from perspectives I hadn’t even considered.

This is a project that is about all of us.

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Let’s make a trans zine! 

Deadline is February 29th, and you can email submissions to


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We’re about 2 weeks away from the deadline, and I just want to encourage anyone who feels like they can put there story into words to please share.

You may not think your story is compelling but I promise you that it is important. Sharing our stories and listening to each other is super important.

I want to hear about your childhoods, your 20’s, your teens. Tell me us how you figured out you were trans, how you came out.

What was it like for you as people around you reacted. So often we hear what it is like for our loved ones when we come out—let’s center trans folx instead.

Tell me us all about your life.

One week left for submissions, and there is definitely space for you.


I can also give a couple more details that I don’t think I have announced before. The size of the zine will be 5.5x8 inches, and in full color, for the art and photo contributions.

Really looking forward to what comes in at the end.

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Folks, if you have something to contribute for @AudreyJune 's trans zine, I encourage you to do it. You are important and your expressions deserve to be heard and published

@AudreyJune My contribution is nearly done, and I'm really proud of how it's shaping up so far. :)

CW abuse mention, slurs 

@AudreyJune So I was constantly called a faggot, bullied, never understood what was "wrong" with me, why I never fit in with the guys. It got to the point where transphobia surrounded me so much that I internalized it, and with that I also internalized misogyny. It especially made me bitter. After 100ug + dxm I had to face it, I acknowledged it, and from that moment on I felt free and I was finally able to love myself.

CW abuse mention, slurs 

@ethoslibre i am so happy you have learned to love yourself?

CW abuse mention, slurs 

@AudreyJune why the question mark.

CW abuse mention, slurs 

@ethoslibre sorry. That was a typo. 😬

CW abuse mention, slurs 

@AudreyJune And thank you to all the brave souls that paved the way. Every one who transitioned and stayed strong will make my eventual transition better. None of it was in vein and I appreciate all of you for being who you are regardless of the judgment of others. :blobthump:

CW abuse mention, slurs 

@AudreyJune And btw this is why society can benefit from safe and responsible drug use. The drugs that are banned aren't banned because they are dangerous, but rather because they make us challenge our beliefs and norms. Not saying it's for every one tho.

CW abuse mention, slurs 

@ethoslibre absolutely. Even 5 minutes of research into the banning of psychedelics shows that it was all about control, and never about safety.

@AudreyJune hiya, i emailed u with some Qs. Idk if u'll see that or this first

@AudreyJune i have totally been procrastinating on putting something together to submit 😬

Cannot focus to write at the moment.
Artwork for it was done ages ago, then things spiralled again.

Will see if we can get it together after the weekend.

@gasp i mean, why do you think I took the submissions??

If nothing else, it makes me accountable to other folx.

@AudreyJune oooh. If I have any bandwidth this week I'll put something together

@AudreyJune I think I suddenly know what I'd want to do for this, but idk if I'll be able to try n do an art before this week is over

@AudreyJune hmmmmm this is a reasonably good motivator to throw something together

@AudreyJune it was! now I just gotta scan it. what's a good format for a multi-page art submission?

@AudreyJune @nova pdf should be safe but I'll defer to your technical staff 😉

@AudreyJune hi hello 👋 if i may ask two quick questions...

1) is 5.5x8 inches the printable dimensions, or does that include the margins?

2) is there a limit to how many pages an entry can be?

@red that is the size of the paper it will be printed on. There is a soft limit of 10 pages.

@AudreyJune haha ok i can definitely stay under 10! thank you 🙏 😇

@AudreyJune one other quick q: if i submit something tomorrow, is that past the deadline, or is the deadline tomorrow? i was hoping to have it finished by today, but i hit a few snags 🙈

@red the deadline is tomorrow as in, after I go to sleep tomorrow night, I am going to assemble what I have. But I sleep late.

Hopefully you should have a PDF at the gmail when you get to it.

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