Free PrEP for the Uninsured 

This has been in the works for awhile, but we finally have details.

“Uninsured Americans can now apply for free PrEP drugs through the federal government.”

“HHS announced the details of applying for free PrEP drugs Tuesday. It has set up a new website,, and it will take applications there or at a toll-free phone number, (855) 447-8410. To qualify, a person must test negative for HIV, have a valid prescription for the medications, and not have prescription drug coverage.”

Free PrEP for the Uninsured 

@AudreyJune wow having a federal program for this is awesome!

i also want to note that you might also be able to get free PrEP if you fall under a certain income threshold through your state's ADAP program

these programs really vary from state to state though, both in terms of eligibility and whether or not they provide PrEP at all. so go see what your state offers if anything

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