“Not all trans people know each other”

“What about her?”

“I mean... yeah, I know her...but still!”

This toot is brought to you by:

Surprisingly running into at her job.

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@AudreyJune “Not all trans people know each other, that’s offensive!”

“Okay, what about her?”

me, blustering, because i hooked up with her three years ago before she moved to seattle: “—First of all, how dare you?!”

@AudreyJune not only is this post factual, it’s happened more than once 🤷🏻‍♀️

@AudreyJune i dont know EVERY trans person but i probably know their partner or their partner's partner

@AudreyJune "what about him?"

"oh yeah, i went to school with him, that place was an absolute hotbed of gender"

"okay how about her?"

"we worked together, but neither of us knew at the time? half points at best"

"how about her?"

"Twitter enemies doesn't count!"

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