“You couldn’t transition and keep everything else in your life the same. Couldn’t happen.”

-Casey Plett “A Safe Girl to Love”

I have seriously been thinking about this quote so much lately.

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Transition musings 

I think I was really just under the impression that I would have better control over the things that would change. Like I could pick and choose—especially after coming out went so well.

Everyone says they accept me, so everything can basically be the same, right? RIGHT?!

In the year since, I have discovered that this is when the actual changes occur. It’s living your life and adapting to your internal and external changes and how those things change the perception of others.

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I think I really thought I could transition and not change all of the things I wanted in life.

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Transition musings 

@AudreyJune Transition is sometimes not fun.

I transitioned over ten years ago, and I rememberer the changes in perception; shopping, working, and so on.

The worst thing was the change in how I was treated in electronics, or, computer stores.

I always worried how others perceived me, but the odd thing with transition I learnt to ignore that.

sorry for the ramble.

Transition musings 

I am not even super concerned with the casual shit, like randos at Target or whatever.

It’s more about the changes in closer relationships and people I interact with regularly.

It’s how my relationship with my workplace changed and my feelings about the industry evolved.

Transition musings 

@AudreyJune I transitioned in the workplace, it was relatively painless with the people I worked with. It was the customers that were interesting.

I was constantly asked to put them (the customer / end user) would ask to to be put through to someone more technical. I.E. a man.

The funny thing is I was the most "technical" member of my team.


It still bugs me and it was over ten years ago.

@AudreyJune I knew I would lose quite a lot.

And I did.

But in the end it was worth it even though it was painful.

Would I change a thing. No.

But I still feel that I hurt too many people.

Is transition selfish? Unfortunately it is.

But we transition to survive.

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