More terrible cishet bullshit.
The title of this book might be the worst relationship advice I have ever seen.
And the bullet points on the back have me asking “Are Men Ok?”

@AudreyJune wait what

you'll never get a closer relationship with your man by talking to him like you talk to one of your girlfriends

really??? are men not receptive to "no you're cute"???? :ohno:


i like to connect with my man through the beautiful and erotic medium of routine


Bullet Point 3 is my favourite. The straights are not ok.

6 is my favorite. Like, the authors of this book somehow have a more dim view of men than I do.

@AudreyJune @Melisandre yep, can't find anything wrong with point 6. must be a coincidence that old men die far sooner when their wife passes away then the wife when their husband passes away.

i can see nothing wrong with this current toxic arrangement.

@radicalrobit @AudreyJune

Wife dies: Old man loses his reason for being.

Husband dies: Old woman is free to have fun.

@Melisandre @AudreyJune I assume you mean Mr & Mrs Straight, rather than all heterosexuals as a homogeneous class.

Although, given how we each have a little bit of personal yum, I suppose there probably is only one purely straight couple in the world.

@Melisandre @AudreyJune Props for being open to the possibility someone with my avatar is female.

@AudreyJune oh ugh dear lord that book looks full of crude generalisations.

horrible gender stereotypes 

@pwrmnstr @AudreyJune pretty much, you need to tease the emotions out of them, building trust by leaving treats on the floor and, while they eat them, asking non-threatening questions about how they feel until, after a few years, they're ready to open up

@kiki_d @AudreyJune @cryptograbear will eat out of my hand! Mostly salami, but pulled pork is also favored.

@pwrmnstr @kiki_d @AudreyJune I mean that is how I feel a lot of the time, but not for any reason given on this book.

@pwrmnstr that is probably a much better way to model the situations in which some of this advice appears to give positive results despite itself

horrible gender stereotypes, screaming 

@AudreyJune this sounds like a manual for rearing telepathic squids whose brain will overload if you have too many emotions near them or something

@AudreyJune I'm impressed by how much bullshit they managed to cram in so few words.

@AudreyJune oh my fucking god what is wrong with the cishets is this some kind of cult or some shit holy fuck

@Nine @AudreyJune

Our differences are innate & non-modifiable from conception which is why we must obsess about and viciously reinforce them all the damn time. 🙄

@AudreyJune These instructions are fine for keeping pet cockroaches, not partners

@AudreyJune that is such a big yikes???? that's so sexist and heteronormative i can't even

@AudreyJune “men are unlearnable babies, we must think FOR them”

toxic masculinity ruins the party again 

toxic masculinity ruins the party again 

@AudreyJune poor patricia has drunk so much of the kool-aid she went and got brain damage 😥

@AudreyJune "... but not if they have to act like women." So much to unpack there in one sentence, but first can I just say 🤮🤮

@AudreyJune i dont think men have ever been ok. any time theyve seemed remotely ok was a facade to make them look more manly

@AudreyJune It's very telling to me that trans people, who have some of the most direct experience of the biological differences between men and women, are among the most vocal in calling bullshit on gender essentialist relationship advice.

@AudreyJune When you manage to write something that's legit sexist against EVERYONE.

@AudreyJune @gcupc Jesus, that second-to-last bullet point is especially horrifying.

@noelle @AudreyJune @gcupc

"They are empty. So hollow. So frozen. Only the Wife Figure can bring this golem to animated life."

@noelle @AudreyJune @gcupc

it seriously sounds borderline mythological

maybe after males have evolved out of humanity entirely (bringing, naturally, the seven default genders we know and love in the year 20,137) there will be talk of this lost offshoot of humanity

@AudreyJune And in the case you REALLY want to know its content, well... it's all sumarize on the advert covering the book; well played marketing genius !

@AudreyJune This is clearly a honey pot for battered wives, and every page literally says "run the hell away"...right?

Bullet point 1: "Connection can be made without communication."

Bullet point 6: "It's the obligation of the woman to make our lives worthwhile."

Conclusion: Straight men are privileged kings who demand complete obedience and absolute authority over the "lessers" (read: women) in their lives and even the slightest criticism is tantamount to treason and worthy of execution.

And they need to go the way of the kings before them too.

mention of violence 

mention of violence 

deliberate misinterpretation 

@AudreyJune you _know_ any copies they sold were because it says "Men are right." on the top of the back cover

@AudreyJune This is the worst book of his kind, and they are all bad.


We're fine, these authors tho...

As a male, can I just say that's the most insulting list of bullshit I've ever seen.

Four ways to connect to a man: touch, activity, sex and routines??? Excuse me ?!? How about intellectually stimulating conversation? How about riffing on each other's jokes? What vapid mf'er wrote this?

The woman supplies the man's meaning?!? WTF? Pretty sure I got that one covered, chief.

Who is the audience for this tripe supposed to be? I'm just...

@AudreyJune jesus fucking christ
alternate title: how to let your husband not have to confront his own emotions or thoughts in any meaningful way and just placate the aching void in his soul with sex instead

@AudreyJune you can't be too direct, it spooks them. Learn his routine. The watering holes he frequents. He's most vulnerable when he's distracted..then, flush him into the net!

@AudreyJune "how to improve your marriage without talking about it: a guide to american sign language for those with deaf spouses"

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