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Being generally positive and thankful for being trans without being Pollyanaish and erasing the struggle so many of us face.

That’s the space I try to occupy and maintain.

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Trans Voice 

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I am often more enamored with the idea of a thing than the material reality of it.

Living as a woman is probably the most notable exception to this. The reality has actually surpassed my meager expectations.

Every day I am like “goddamn, I am so glad I did this,” as I find small details to enjoy.

But honestly, the biggest thing is just looking in the mirror, and seeing myself. I mean seeing the *actual* person I am, and not the person everyone else wanted to be.

Nothing could be better.

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Estrone Theory, HRT 

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One of the best parts about putting “queer” in your bio is that people know what they are signing up for when they follow you.

Here's a little quickly drawn comic that I hope explains my position a little better.

has anyone done a thing on why queer people are so attracted to the punk scene/aesthetic or should i get writing

I have been in a mood all fucking day, so thanks to everyone for putting up with my bullshit. i love you all💖

legitimate reasons not to work:

- it's boring
- you need to do self care
- you don't feel like it
- fun things are more interesting
- safer not to work
- it's waste of time
- bosses are annoying and rude
- work is pointless
- you have to comb your hair


It’s not my job to make boys feel good.

You better fucking pay me if you want me to do that.

Normalizing wlw relationships 

Normalizing wlw relationships 

The biggest question I feel we have to answer is:

What is real, and what is dysphoria? And I’ll be damned but I don’t know if I can tell anymore.


I want queer women to smile as big in my direction as I do in their’s.

Guess how many of them have come to see me at the restaurant I have worked at for over the months.

I am not naive enough to think the cishet people in my life are my “friends.”

Probably unnecessarily negative 

Probably unnecessarily negative 

photo of me and toast (the cat not food) 

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