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There is no point debating someone with impossible standards. You cannot convince someone who otherwise who sincerely believes in "Original Sin" and as such that humanity isn't fundamentally evil.

Similarly you cannot debate someone who believes that humanity at large *deserves* to perish from climate change as some sort of divine revenge for what they perceive as... once again a fundamental evil of humanity.

#debate #politics #anarchism #Environmentalism #ClimateChange #theology

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Today my therapist told me she could see me in management and I wanted to say “how *dare* you?!”

Today I saw a future version of @Wewereseeds. Like I wouldn’t call them a doppelgänger because this woman was about 10 years older.

But I definitely saw the future. Who knows, maybe she’s a time traveler?

I wrote a zine about trans girl sex eight years ago. guess how many scary creeps have tried to fuck with me over the years. I have ZERO reason to trust someone who tells me outright that they’re a chaser. I’m done with this.

@Eweish I wonder if part of it is that so many people misunderstand what a real chaser is. when you lump in people who just like to date trans girls with predators it makes the whole thing sound not as bad as it actually is. it minimizes how scary the real chasers are and makes it easier to make light of them.

To reiterate: don’t stand for creeps, and don’t stand for the people who try to shut you down when you mention it. You don’t ACTUALLY have to “prove” anything. And if you do show “receipts” know that you still won’t be believed.
It’s. A. Trap.

My child, has anyone testified to you about the Good News of Gender Anarchism?

You can take my gender from my cold dead hands. If you don't want a gender thats great, and i support that, but i like mine. My body falls to pieces without it. I want to affirm it even more in fact. Roll around in it, get it all up in my ears and eyes and all my orifices.

i will say "i love you" to absolutely anyone, and I pretty much always mean it. I do not care. I need everyone to know how much I love them, and it's always a lot

I guess im just against the idea of people policing the language people use to define their own identities

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Shortness isn't weakness, it's just having a lower center of gravity.

@Eweish what are the odds that Danny ortberg and I would have the most foppish duel in history? ‘OH I SAY, THAT’S REALLY NOT CRICKET!’ Also you should write about your boobs

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You know what is better than full employment?

Abolishing work.

That’s the world I want toward.

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