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Let’s make a trans zine! 

Now accepting submissions for
*TransMission(s)*, a collaborative zine by and for the transgender community. Our first issue will be under the theme of “Reclaiming our Narrative.” Our stories have been told by others for so long and consistently manipulated and warped to fit agendas and spread misinformation. When we speak with our own voice we back against these decades of gaslighting and lift each other up.

We’re looking for:
-short fiction

Any proceeds of sales will go to paying printing costs first, contributors second, and editors last.

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Being generally positive and thankful for being trans without being Pollyanaish and erasing the struggle so many of us face.

That’s the space I try to occupy and maintain.

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Trans Voice 

This is an excellent primer on voice feminization. It has a useful glossary and covers some key exercises.

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I am often more enamored with the idea of a thing than the material reality of it.

Living as a woman is probably the most notable exception to this. The reality has actually surpassed my meager expectations.

Every day I am like “goddamn, I am so glad I did this,” as I find small details to enjoy.

But honestly, the biggest thing is just looking in the mirror, and seeing myself. I mean seeing the *actual* person I am, and not the person everyone else wanted to be.

Nothing could be better.

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One of the best parts about putting “queer” in your bio is that people know what they are signing up for when they follow you.

In May I came to this location to get labwork done and it was super slow, so I figured that I didn’t need an appointment when I decided to come in today.

And while, *technically* that is true, I probably should have gone ahead and made one.

Which hand do you write with?


Traps as a process is very rarely about self-identification.

Showing a friend a photo of a pretty trans girl in order to then shock them by revealing to them they're trans. Whether thats your attempt at changing their viewpoint or not..

thats trapping.

marginalization philosophy 

No one individual fully represents a given community/culture/subgroup.

In my opinion, Listen to <marginalized group of> people means listening to many perspectives and learning from them to come to your own conclusions.

It doesn't mean finding some members of that group that think the same way you do and saying "See? I'm listening."

It also doesn't mean taking one person's conclusion and deciding they must absolutely be correct.

It's about learning.

My child got this Dark Llamacorn plush for their birthday yesterday.

Tell me if your reaction to this is the same as mine. 👀

The entire US based left suffers from this strange form of Same Brain Syndrome, where everyone must unilaterally agree to one rigid set of political dogma or else they are as bad as fash and being overly Online really exacerbates this, especially on a platform where most everyone suffers from unresolved or in progress healing trauma. Our brains really were not meant to process this much information that we have now.

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What’s it called when you cry over small shit that shouldn’t be that big of a deal?

Online dating 

Someone else would have just left that shit on “delivered” until the morning...wish I had that power, tbh.

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Online dating 

Oh, it’s cause you forgot about me...

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

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Even a guy who is a literal capitalist and owns a laundromat or some shit is closer to the living situation of the working poor than he is to a billionaire.

Online dating 

Let’s play a game called “How many times will I let the same person flake on my on a first video call date?”

smutty lesbian pinup, eye contact 

just your hot dyke wife with some ideas about how to spend yet another night in 🌌

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USpol meta 

A weird thing about electoral politics conversations is how as soon as a person starts looking at a group on the other side of the electoral divide they immediately lose any ability to understand nuance, factions, or infighting. They always always always get it wrong. Dems misjudge the GOP and the GOP literally has no idea what anyone to their left believes.

It makes talking about this shit incredibly exhausting.

Bullets $200
Opsec $150
Firearms $800
Trench Coats $3,600
Bombs $150
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my militia is dying

capitalism: if you don’t like how your job treats you you can just get a new job

me: ok i want a new job

capitalism: oh sorry it’s the time every six years where the entire economy is fucking destroyed so rich people can loot it right now. why don’t you beg in the street for scraps

Pro tip for dysphoria 

@AudreyJune my hair always wants to part in the middle (and probably also my own life-long unconscious habit). When I transitioned I was like "time to change this," and I can confirm, this is effective.

Every time I notice that it has drifted back to the middle, I fix it off to the side and I feel better.

co-star but you put in your preferred alternative milk and it tells you which of your friends you should make out with

Pro tip for dysphoria 

Changing where you part your hair can work wonders. It can change the appearance of your hairline, and the shape of your face

I often find that I feel like I look completely different depending on how I part my hair.

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