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I am often more enamored with the idea of a thing than the material reality of it.

Living as a woman is probably the most notable exception to this. The reality has actually surpassed my meager expectations.

Every day I am like “goddamn, I am so glad I did this,” as I find small details to enjoy.

But honestly, the biggest thing is just looking in the mirror, and seeing myself. I mean seeing the *actual* person I am, and not the person everyone else wanted to be.

Nothing could be better.

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One of the best parts about putting “queer” in your bio is that people know what they are signing up for when they follow you.

I feel like one of the most valuable gifts you can give to someone is to somehow get them to fully comprehend how you see them.

Good or bad.

That clarity is so fucking pure and helpful. It feels amazing when your view is positive and it feels shitty when it’s negative—but it’s constructive as fuck. It’s how we get better.

And there are like probably 6-10 people who I would really like to hear this truth from.

Maybe I am weird, but after a year of dating someone, I am of the “move in or move on” camp.

Like, obviously there are legit reasons to deviate from this, but it’s my default setting.

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tell you what... tonight I became pretty sure that a dude I met a couple weeks ago would be down to bang, AND I saw his friends again, AND I saw my friends unexpectedly, INCLUDING a friend who moved to Miami, AND walking home a dude asked me if his friend seemed like she'd eat my pussy and I asked her if she liked girls and she said she liked PEOPLE and I said me too, AND I'm gonna get a taquito

Feeling nostalgic for this hot Lesbian Look from the Delia’s catalogue.

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You all get 15 more minutes.

Only feels like *one* of you is really guessing.

One additional clue:

It does two things. And they are quite different.

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It’s a birthday present to myself.
Everyone can have a guess!

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my sexuality is being a lesbian and flirting and subsequently confusing mastoboys I do not make the rules

Turns out the Castle Megastore really *is* mega. This place is fucking huge!

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