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Let’s make a trans zine! 

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Being generally positive and thankful for being trans without being Pollyanaish and erasing the struggle so many of us face.

That’s the space I try to occupy and maintain.

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Trans Voice 

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I am often more enamored with the idea of a thing than the material reality of it.

Living as a woman is probably the most notable exception to this. The reality has actually surpassed my meager expectations.

Every day I am like “goddamn, I am so glad I did this,” as I find small details to enjoy.

But honestly, the biggest thing is just looking in the mirror, and seeing myself. I mean seeing the *actual* person I am, and not the person everyone else wanted to be.

Nothing could be better.

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One of the best parts about putting “queer” in your bio is that people know what they are signing up for when they follow you.

Powerful selfies open at own risk 

Just had this urge to go try on swimsuits??? Fucking weird


Bad drsam 

Lewd text 

Weird confession 

“Pure Morning” by Placebo but change most ‘friend’ to ‘femme’ 

Transition timeline: Pride Edition, ec 

Transition timeline: Pride Edition, ec 

and if anyone asks who did the informing, tell ’em it was marsha and sylvia, who aren’t taking any more of our shit

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i have been informed that queer wrath month is being extended for at least two more months,

and if shit by the wyt, the cis, the het, or mixtures of these, don't improve by labour day, then queer wrath month will be extended indefinitely and ruthlessly

knude (knife nude), no ec 

wonder how changing the system from the inside is going for kaia. did she fix police yet

I just pulled up tinder and was really confused about why the picture wasn’t a video...yeah, I have been on tiktok too much 😂

selfie, ec 


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