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Trans Voice 

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I am often more enamored with the idea of a thing than the material reality of it.

Living as a woman is probably the most notable exception to this. The reality has actually surpassed my meager expectations.

Every day I am like “goddamn, I am so glad I did this,” as I find small details to enjoy.

But honestly, the biggest thing is just looking in the mirror, and seeing myself. I mean seeing the *actual* person I am, and not the person everyone else wanted to be.

Nothing could be better.

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Estrone Theory, HRT 

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Stopping Estrogen before surgery 

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One of the best parts about putting “queer” in your bio is that people know what they are signing up for when they follow you.

How I became convinced anarchism is the only way 

This outfit has got 1930s beach pajama vibes, and the more I think about it the more I want to go walk barefoot on sand.

Absolutely obsessed with these “i’m still BI” pieces by @nomsikka on Instagram. (The last two were commissions by @jessiepaege on IG, which is why they are the same blue haired woman.)

when the nazis try to gain a platform you say no
if the state tries to compel you to give them that platform you say no
if the state tries to compel you to take away a platform from comrades and marginalized groups you say no

take responsibility for what you do. everything else is just some "just doing my job" bullshit

Linux is a little bit like Christianity. There are a confusing number of versions out there, which are all technically supposed to follow the same idea, but with differences that don't seem to mean very much to an outsider. Also, there are a handful of evangelists who believe their version is the best, and they'll do their best to convert you.

Periods, NASA, joke post 

hello from the quiet town of couch

(selfie, no eye contact)

In my 27 years of life, I've seen shit like this grow out of control and people, get pushed out of communities, doxxed and lose their goddamn lives over it

But you wanna call it drama, tch

and you wanna say that folks screaming "Fuck Nazi's" and "Punch Nazi's" is fucking conversational?



In the year of our Lord Twenty Nineteen?

Wake the fuck up and get your head out of your ass

periodic reminder that, if the police try to interview you over anything, never talk to them. no matter how innocent you are. If what you say would exonerate you, it can't help you -- its inadmissible in court. But police testimony can easily help prosecute you, even if you don't see how -- and sometimes they even lie about what you said, and then it's your word against a cop's.

They'll always say that cooperation can help you, that they just want to talk, etc. etc. don't listen. never talk.

Nazis, but personal 

Nazis, but personal 

Nazis, but personal 

the act of software development is the same as any other creative act. you infuse the work with your values. it carries your fingerprints. there cannot be an act of software development that does not have a moral component, just like there can't be a painting without any artistic intent

Fuck gab fuck nazis. This seems simple

trans history 

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