Mastodon really is a Shonen fighting manga isn't it?

- everyone is always increasing in power
- impossible to discern lore unless you don't miss a single post
- heel/face turns everyday
- we are all destined to fight forever
- eventually Todd will have a son called Borutodd

no particular reason I choose to bring this post back today, nope

@Ashen if we were really a shonen we would have at least one tournament arc

@Taweret Oh we're just in year one, the tournament arc is coming for sure


@Ashen we need a poster to recover from what should be a devastating own and a cut to everyon's shocked faces

@illnessideology There's like 5 people on this site who could do this but I'm not ready to name names

@Ashen is there a name for that trope when they do the split-screen reaction shots? because I remembered that being quite common but I can't find any.

@illnessideology I don't know, I'm not weeb enough to name it off the top of my head

@larrydavis @illnessideology I'm using this now, no one correct even if I'm completely wrong and foolish looking, that just makes it better

@Ashen this does mean that when it seems we are about to be defeated we will rally and triumph because of the power of friendship

@Ashen i was just thinking about my lonely existence as a wondering ronin

@illnessideology I feel bad because this got lost in my mentions and it was very nice 💖

@Ashen I think I'm most angry at the implication that Todd is actually named Narutodd.

@Ashen All the fanservice is consensual though.

@dirt It's the manga magazine that Dragon Ball and Naruto and several other very popular series came from.

@Ashen i literally will not live to have a child. i'm gonna die probably halfway through the site's lifespan and someone else is gonna usurp me. probably katie. i think a good dark horse would be like... if @feminineforms lost her shit after my death and started trying to channel me through her own personality. that might put butts in seats

@realtoddhoward I love how if you go back to the bofa version of this post its months old and as far as I know this is the first time you've interacted with it

@Ashen this is the first time i've seen this post in my life

@Ashen @feminineforms i'd have to die right in front of her or something. she's a tough nut to crack

@Ashen i can't watch Shippuden without thinking of this toot


i don't understand this toot but i know you like it so i boost it when you do

@laser ty 💖 I'm trying to crack the 100 boost ceiling very transparently

@Absolutely_Blakely I haven't thought about this but I'm going to say you're cooler than Krillin


> weak af
> surrounded by others way out of their league
> a cop
> somehow survives the major conflicts by being too unimportant to cancel
> clutch like once a year

@Ashen @Bryanne gonna start tagging my fav toots with so I can find them reliably

@Ashen I think I'm losing power tho who can inject me with power

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