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Spending all my free time pouring over the the works of the late, great Yu Ligma

Lol the catholic neolibs and traditional conservatives are gonna be so pissed.

Pope says “socialism tho”

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right wingers: we must sacrifice the weak to the economy

trump: *starts dying of covid*

right wingers: no not like that!!

covid, pol, gambling 

So whats the betting line on covid getting the better of Trump?

lmao jacob wohl's been charged with voter suppression

I'm leaving dot social. Am I the bravest person ever? Yes. Am I the smartest and most handsome person ever? Also yes. Please boost.

My wife just came downstairs, crying, holding our kid.

Me: omg what's wrong

Her: why would you do that?

My thoughts: oh fuck, what did I do

Me: What?

Her: Why would you put Coco on the tv for her? I was not prepared for that this morning. It's so sad.

She's never seen Coco before. I'm dying lol

Congratulations Hope Hicks, you are this week's #SkullsiteGirlBoss


So Trump has covid but Pence doesn't? Someone's lying.

obi-wan: I don't remember ever owning a Droid

R2D2: hey fuck you, guy

I thiiink I got everything for the halloween costume. Just some* assembly required.

*a lot

anyone know of any autism peer support groups in the York area? preferably with an explicitly queer-friendly stance?

i know i probably don't have to say this here, but please don't respond if you're just going to tell me where to try looking. direct suggestions only please!

having said that, please boost.

In spite of the state of the world today, I am really excited for spoopy month and Halloween.

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