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How does one go about finding scripts that one might use to mass attack an online payment form to test stolen credit card numbers? As fishy as that sounds, I actually am trying to prevent this from happening. Would love to see what kinda scripts/code/methods are being used.

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alc protip 

Giving this Edge Chromium a spin is like going against basic fight or flight instincts

Cop: I pulled you over for going 68 in a 55.

Me: Damn, 68? Officer, can you make that number just a little higher so I can hear the judge read it out loud?

Cop: Sure, whatever.

*Later in traffic court...*

Judge: How the fuck were you going 420 in a 55?

The new Star Wars was good but the 40 minute R2D2 love scene with that robot that says “gonk” was a bit much

New cryptid: 🅲 🆄 🅱 🅴 🅲 🅰 🆃

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