If mars was made you cheese, you'd get my fat ass to volunteer for a one way trip

Davey rated by JD Power and Associates best trash wife 2019

I hate the fact that Tom Cruise is the lead in the movie Oblivion. Because I really like that movie and I really dislike Tom Cruise.

Alright peoples, which comics should I be reading next? Recently caught up on (or nearly) Skyward, Oblivion Song, Unnatural, The Dreaming. And am still working my way through Astro City

I'm open to literally anything but traditionally I don't read a lot of Marvel/DC stuff unless it's a particularly high praised run.

Company photos? In this economy? I don't think so.

I measured my head and according to this old phrenology textbook I’m 100% THAT BITCH

Super excited about this batch of hot sauce.

4 ghost, 4 Jamaican mushroom, 2 jalapeño, 1 mango, carrot, tomato, basil, (all home grown) mirin, apple cider vinegar

Taco Bell shirt: on
First stage of hot sauce: made

Bad ass Saturday: underway

I want to have an affair with Brendon Urie, My partner said I could.

*hacks into office AV system so that "Hooked on a Feeling" can be blasted over the speakers when leaving*

*to the tune of Let Me Clear My Throat*

Let me boost my post

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