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I'm a social democrat, a democratic socialist, a socialist, a communist, and a Anarcho-communist, in that order.

As soon as society accomplishes one of these states, I will move on to the next one until the state doesn't exist anymore.

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I back up all my shitposts on 500mb drives set up in a raid 5 array

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please appreciate that every time we paused the prequel trilogy for a break we accidentally paused on a meme

Gonna find some empty land (in space) and found Toon Town™️

For anyone who would like a mp3 of the song.

I like the album version but this version is so raw and the addition of the strings is * Chefs kiss *

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Holy fuuuuuccccc. Tiny desk concert version of "Young Enough" by Charly Bliss is a Whole. Ass. Mood

I'm not gonna lie, until this whole thing popped up, I had forgotten that EB Games existed

Gonna start a news centric alt and call it Postington Huff

1980s: in the future they'll be using flying cars
2020: a lizard is debating whether or not a furry twink has an ass on the world wide web

Link to well informed birdsite thread 

shidding in the tub and bathing in the toilet

me, world leader brain genious: we will simply not do anything about the virus and get herd immunity 😎

me dying of the virus: ah shit. ah fuck

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star war, shitpost 

@Thomas just because I don't have an allpro alt doesn't mean I didn't use to play goalie in street hockey back in high school.

Don't fuck with goalies.

A lot of people's successes can be attributed to being of the white race at a white time

i think the main reason I feel such a disconnect from mainstream trans communities is because to them the end goal of transition is to be as attractive as possible and it just seems needlessly shallow to me

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