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Couples Selfie/Eye Contact/Emo Trash 💙 

Went to Disrupt Fest with my Jellybean @ZakkiJay to see The Used, and it was the most romantic damned thing. I'm a sucker for my happy, bouncy sadboy. 💙 🐊 ~

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Pronouns PSA 

Daily reminder that if you refuse to use someone's pronouns because you find them 'silly' or 'dehumanizing', you're playing into respectability politics.

Denying someone the agency to tell you who they are and how they wish to be addressed is dehumanizing and demeaning in a very -real- way.

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ec/shameless selfie repost 

Slappin' these up 'cause I don't have any pics on this instance and frankly, you dorks need to be graced with the presence of my badass hair.

Also, I'm too lazy to take new ones.

Boosts are cool.
Compliments and respectful flirts are cool too. 🐊

Eatin cooked frozen veggies with a lil salt by the spoonful, like it's candy

I miss when video game consoles had names instead of numbers


That moment when you suddenly understand even more ways your trauma has and still is affecting your life.

It's 86 fuckin degrees out and Im sweating my ass off, casually walking home in the dark.


I just described some people as looking like rejects from an audition to be an extra on Star Trek TNG

Dead malls could be turned into such cute lil housing complexes

Y'know what I like about lizards? They dun give a F U C K

The Master System and the Genesis are still the coolest damned consoles.


It did something unexpected, did it? Really? REALLY?? Shit reopens, people behave like jackasses. Half of them believe covid is a hoax or overblown. Of course it's going to spike.

How could you possibly expect anything else?

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