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Couples Selfie/Eye Contact/Emo Trash 💙 

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Pronouns PSA 

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ec/shameless selfie repost 


All part of trans culture.

I won't let you tell me different.


Transition Comparison/Glow-up/EC/Boosts+++ 

Cis dudes about a new car or appliance they've just purchased: "Can't wait to take this bad boy out for a test drive!"

But what makes him such a bad boy, what did he do? How do you know he likes being called that? Do you even know his real name? He just came all the way over here for YOU. He needs to rest, Jeremy.

While putting my "fresh from the dryer" sheet back on my bed, it had the nerve to ask this question:

They're not "preferred pronouns" they're "the only ones I go by, and if you purposely call me anything else, I'ma call you a list of unpleasant words and then block you..."

Transition Before/After. Eye Contact. 

selfies no ec (boosts +++) 

Trans polyamory
Or, as I like to call it
Hacking the Cistem

Couples Selfie/Eye Contact/Emo Trash 💙 

Selfies/Polycule/Eye Contact/Multiple People/ 

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