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Couples Selfie/Eye Contact/Emo Trash 💙 

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Pronouns PSA 

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ec/shameless selfie repost 

fun fact: any enby's assigned birth gender is precisely none of your fucking business!

tired: gender binary

also tired: gender trinary (enby is The Third Gender)

also also tired: gender quaternary (man, woman, femme enby, masc enby)

wired: stop putting people into boxes you fucking shithead

so i haven't told my partner this yet but when we move in together i Will be getting this image printed out and framed on our wall

selfie, ec, boost+ 

Cathulu, drags you down from a mile away with its arms long like tentacles. :meow:

Selfie, ec, boost+ 


Can you imagine thinking any of the main characters in Hackers (1995) is straight and cis though. Misunderstanding the material so badly. Shameful

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