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hey bud
even if you're sad, you still need to shower

new hair time !! its green!! and kind of blue! and i redid my shave ! (selfies, ec)

just ordered something from the uk can't wait for it to arrive after I've moved

elon musk is a cousin, peter thiel is an uncle. kanye west is a cousin, jay-z is an uncle

@Aleums chocolate rain doesn't have a b section and it still rules

disc golf courses should be a public service

- doesnt need grass, adaptable to local environment
- great way to chill with the homies

Fuck a B section who needs em. I've got one pattern and you're gonna like it

Hey everybody!! I commissioned these absolutely beautiful custom geodes from @witchy !!!! Thank you so much Nat!!!

and if you can you can you should commission them!!! They do fantastic work!!!

jean chair bolsonaro just loves having covid. can't get enough of it.

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