Emory Douglas was the minister of culture for the Black Panther Party, from 1967 until it disbanded in 1980. He assembled and created art for their newspaper while it was in circulation, which always included incredible centerfold posters like these.

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friendly reminder that I'm not really using this account anymore, follow @Aleums if you want to see my posts

@benaiah@monads.online hell yeah my friend

here on slime dot global we have all the important emoji

I think I'm going to be moving over to my slime.global account more permanently. As much as I love radtown, it's been pretty unreliable lately and I think it's generally better for the health of fedi to exist on a smaller instance. Please feel free to follow me at @Aleums

I released an EP today!!

It's called Cornerstone, and it's a record full of hard #techno, #house, and #moombahton guaranteed to rattle a few windows.

You can get it on Bandcamp now, or wait until it's available on your favorite streaming platform.


#newmusic #mastomusic

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