@Aleums photoshop Gavrilo Princip's face over the face on the album cover

@Aleums for those curious its a reference to this poster from the USSR. its for a publishing house and she's yelling " BOOKS!"

@wintgenstein @Aleums if it was made today they’d be yelling websites!

@vestal @wintgenstein @Aleums

it's funny that you say this b/c I saw a post on my tl just ealier complaining about how all modern graphic design is just aping the design of "oppressive" government approved design lmao

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @vestal @wintgenstein I think there's an interesting conversation to be had about this but this ain't the way to do it

@Aleums @vestal @wintgenstein

i'm not interested in having a tiresome conversation with someone with that view tbh lol

@wintgenstein @Aleums heck yeah I always wondered where this came from! ^_^

But also, that meme is v v good and made me laugh ^_^

@Aleums adding another 2 panels asking what he wants from taco bell and him saying can i get uhhhh

I didn't know about this album until I tapped on the pic and it displayed the image caption.

At first it looked like an antimeme to me. Like something that's just so dead unfunny, that it IS funny.

@Aleums oh wow did not expect to see a Franz Ferdinand reference in 2020

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