Mastodon is decentralized. That means that unlike twitter, where there is Only One Big User, mastodon is composed of many smaller users just like you.

@Aleums you said "good night" two minutes before this!!! i know what time it is over there, shit, we have the same time zone, maybe it *should* be a good night!!!!!!!!

@Aleums zizek discussing the moral implications of the Big User

@Aleums sometimes I happen across a fedi account with like 3k followers and I've never heard of or interacted with them before and it is at those times that I am reminded that the fediverse is much much bigger than it feels

@Aleums I mean yeah but we're on radtown, we block a lot of the ruckus

@starwall @Aleums this was how I felt when I first encountered Amphetamine lmao. we are now mufos and friends tho

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