internet is short for interminable netherworld


smashing a champaign bottle on this post and wishing it bon voyage as it hopefully travels off to do numbers.

@Aleums @jackdaw_ruiz Don't worry, the HMS Shitpost II is ready to sail and can carry TWICE as much clout! (slaps the roof)

@Aleums @jackdaw_ruiz (image description: a large Liberty ship named "HMS Shitpost" navigates a treacherous fjord; the rusted hulks of sunk instances and posters litter the waters; well-known disasters such as Bofa, Knzk and Berries can be seen, as can the mangled wrecks of posters such as Applebaps, Adoxographer and others lost to jagged rocks or whirlpools of self-cancellation)

@Aleums @jackdaw_ruiz I was gonna subtoot some people in this but I dunno if they're still around or not. >_>

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