@Aleums idk what "handling it" means. I don't think I'm handling it at all.

Self harm mention 

@gattogateaux yeah unfortunately this message is a little too vague to be useful for everyone. I know that I've had friends who have been in the middle of struggling with an episode and don't know how they're going to get through it, and feel like they need to Do Something to be rid of a particular feeling. Sometimes the thing you need to do is just sit with the feeling and let it pass you by, and every moment that passes without you hurting yourself is handling it

Re Self harm mention 

@Aleums unfortunately my inaction has aweful consequences. I'm sicker because of it.

Re Self harm mention 

@gattogateaux yep, I am sometimes paralyzed by anxiety and unable to do things I need to do... And in those times, this is not the message I need to hear

Re Self harm mention 

@Aleums @gattogateaux Im mostly trying to focus on the "you won't always feel this way" part, because it's the only part that is true for me rn

@Aleums fuck you octopus, but thanks and sorry 😭

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