Long and sappy 

Long and sappy 

@ldopa thanks!!! I had been considering it for a good long while and was still into it, so I felt okay getting it as my first one :)

@Aleums @ldopa FUCK YESSSSS, I’m so glad I got to see this. YESS!!!! KNZK GANG!!!!!

@Aleums no. I'm getting mine as a line not a box and it's going on my finger.

@Aleums That has got to be ALIEN Writing... But I Don't Speak Alien and so I Have No Idea what it means... but... I'm Comfortable with the mystery. LOOKS GREAT!

@Aleums you look extremely like an old friend of mine in this one 😮

@mareklovespython it's the logo of my old instance, knzk.me, which is no more

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