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I'll come back and do keyword actions after lunch

MTG - Ability Word Tier List 

MTG - Keyword Ability Tier List 

MTG - Keyword Ability Tier List 


I came back for #MascMonday so y'all better deliver with the hot, masc presenting selfies today...or else

lynne bune - resumΓ©

henlo i am smol rabbit. i am good at

βœ… programmeing
βœ… rimworld
βœ… spending two hours writing a script to automate a five minute task i do once a month
βœ… making loud squealing noises when watching animal videos
βœ… i beat the undertale genocide run once
βœ… configuring linux so you can type diacritics

please do NOT
❌ responsibilities
❌ loud noises
❌ laugh when i say something particularly naive
❌ minecraft with enemies turned on. the endermen make me cry

thank you.

Might make a tier list of all the mechanics today πŸ€”

stumbling completely foolish behind my offensive line i'm fucking up and tumbling through our garden completely protected and safe

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