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Hello follower,
I hope this missive finds you well. Beep boop, topical joke, have a nice day.
Regards, Me

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Hello please feel free to use they/them pronouns for me from now on. Thanks

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gear, computers 

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gear, computers 

oh no I started a good album right close to bed

my hair is way too long so I'm just gonna wear a hat all the time

latest version of this is now white people demanding police abolition and nothing less. there's something y'all need to understand about cops: they are the enforcers of capitalism. cops ain't goin away until capitalism goes away, & there is not one single rich person who cares more about black lives than their own pockets.
and even if there was, one ain't enough. you see how we're on the verge of fascism right now. what exactly are you expecting here?

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I love being gay, and specially the kind of gay where just about any other gay person is hot

meat (pork) 

I put on massive attack and the sky immediately got darker

In these troubling times I'm glad we can look to Brands for some hope

as many mediocre feelings I have had towards the group I think it's a pretty important time for it

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If you would like to donate to my fund for EMT/First Aid training so that I can

1. help as a street medic
2. assist COVID patients

here is a link to donate

let me know if you would like to donate via different means, and I will try to facilitate that

donations will go to formal training as well as equipment. if i exceed my goal, i will sponsor other people to get first aid/CPR certified

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