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watering can with legs totters up to me and pours a little soothing aloe on my worried mind

@pbandkate where's the tweet about how ska sounds like the music that plays in a 12 year old boys head when he sees mozzarella sticks

[SANTA]: *as I sit on his lap* "HO HO HO Well...have you been a naughty or--"

[ME]: *pulling out gun* "Your judgments of morality mean nothing to me so long as you enslave the elvin ppl."

me: communism
me: uh
me: post-scarcity
them: oh, sounds grand! tell me more

ma'am you've been in a coma since december 4th
oh boy i can't wait to federate from my favourite instance, knzk dot me

@Aleums i was angling for the laser reply but i guess he thinks highly of himself... that i'd never betray him. but i would never expect this outcome. know why? because ALEUMS AT RADICAL TOWN IS NOT A SCUM BAG!

me a year ago, interacting exclusively with queer people on twitter: "Sure do love being straight ha ha yep"

a drunk Phil Greaves stomps his way through a rainforest cafe. "NONE OF THIS IS MARXISM!" he screams as he upends a tray of t-rex fish stix

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