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Haven't made an post in a while, I'll try to keep it brief:

I'm Aleums, I moved here last August in the left twitter migration. I'm a 24 year old white cis bi guy based in Canada and I'm here to make bad jokes, get mad about capitalism and shoot the shit. I'm interested in and other card games, video games, politics, transport, the destruction of gender as we know it, and sharing and finding new music. Cheers!

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Ok I'm gonna gently ask that people cw ads if they can, thanks

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#introductions hey everyone i'm new here and i was wondering does anyone play guild wars 2

between us and the other clout chasers? i chose us. every time i would choose us. hey- fuck em. fuck em.

Folks, I've been hacked.
Anything I've ever said that was dumb as fuck was the hacker.

Anything that was cool and smart, that was me.

on ableism 


I can't do irony poisoning any more. not since i got poisoned, basically. sometimes I'll let the acid fly but basically im stuck in magic real feel loops like im a weather app

My dog won't stop howling please sir I am simply trying to play the piano

that's it. i'm making a new year's resolution to fix masculinity. gonna really do it this coming year. been put off for too long.

gonna go down to Home Depot and pick up some 2x4s and a box of wood screws and just really rebuild that shit from the ground up.

also i might do a Duolingo. but only after the fixing masculinity thing.

spy lizard? owns
drummer monkey? great
footballer rabbit? love it

I've decided that the galar region starters are great

imagine being a man and flirting with me online how embarrassing for you

feel like pure shit just want labor unions back

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