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Pol, uk 

is YOUR TEEN having sax???
here's some signs:
-careless whisper

Selfies of me Kate dirt and Zoe holy cow what fun and happiness (EC, mirror selfies, boosts+++++++) 

Hey is there any way of fetching how many likes a toot has received, on any level at all? It's like the biggest issue my hellthread visualiser has rn #mastodev

I like mad men because the men act cool and classy and I want to be like them anyway here are my extremely passionate opinions about five guys burgers

Maybe tomorrow a bullet may find me,
tonight nothing's worse than this pain in my heart

for 2 days the bus was free in my city and on both of those days my buses arrived at least 2 minutes early both ways, its almost as if the ssystem in which people have to pay to get on the bus actually halts efficency and a no-fare bus system is the only logical conclusion

What remorseless emperor commands me
I no longer govern my soul
I am completely immersed in darkness
As I shid and fard and cumb

@hyperlink wow honoured that my screenshot made it to your banner


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