I want to prove that I'm also hot but I don't want to get out of bed so I'm just going to boost a bunch of old selfies

if you don't belt out the chorus to drunk driver/killer whales by car seat headrest every time you listen to it over and over again, you have no soul and must revoke your music fan credentials

Everyone told me this was really hard, but it’s not??? Y’all just need to git gud, it only took me like two months to finish it

Art is cool pictures of skeletons and you can figure out how much art it is by how many skeletons there are

death, not positive or negative Show more

Slay the Spire release on switch challenge

Thanks but I do not want to join the X-Force Ethical Hacking team

This was in a job description, for the record

I just cooked and ate a delicious meal and I am ENERGIZED. Self care is magic

MoMA? I hardly know-a! idk. it's the best pic of me ever taken tho (EC, boosts mandatory) Show more

using live albums is probably cheating but i dont care

limited to one entry per artist but i also fudged it with bands vs solo and whatnot

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