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laser pose, eye contact 

Eugen tooted an inferior version of this joke three minutes after I did. Demand only original Grace toots and accept no imitations.

it will always be funny to me that emily blocked me because i love john wick so much

open for sleepy energy 

sometimes i see an icon Iโ€™ve never seen before and i donโ€™t even need to check, i just know Iโ€™m my heart that itโ€™s matt

starwall is asking for money, boosts very appreciated 

when someone says some true shit you gotta hit em with the "that's true"

remember cringecuck? that was 8 years ago.

have one le epic heterosexual platonic (or maybe not hehehe) updoot, my good lady

saying you donโ€™t want politics in media is a political statement. youโ€™re the politics now fucker

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