my mother tried dating after she and my father got divorced. it was pretty rocky. she had a string of three or four ugly relationships before finding a good one. but i have to say i'm pretty pleased with Mom Beau No. 5

@Absolutely_Blakely one. two. three four five. time for absolutely blakely to log off line

@vidak thank you. if i could change anything about it, i'd change the wording of the third sentence to 'three or four ugly rebounds before finding a good man,' but otherwise i like it

@triz @SanfordianPhil @JohnBrownJr ah i refused to tag you in this thread bc i wanted you to have the pleasure of finding it organically

@healyn mm yes. glad that you can be here as i am reminded of my shame

@Absolutely_Blakely i don't know what makes me madder, this post or the fact that it took a month before i actually saw it on the tl

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