"I admire your courage, Mx...?"

"Sun. Jomny Sun. And you are?"

"Bond. James Bond. Care to deal me in?"

"Certainly, Mr. Bond. The name of the game is Nine Men's Morris"

*James smirks and raises an eyebrow, the guitar goes dun diddly u dun dun doo doo dun diddle u dun dun doo doo*

"Where I come from, we seldom have need of so many"

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @Absolutely_Blakely

and then he got CBT for lying to mads about how hungry his hippo was.

@Absolutely_Blakely @ItsTheManOnTheMoon

especially when bond comes back and wins a hungry hippo's game and starts crying blood.


@root @ItsTheManOnTheMoon in that moment, there wasn't a dry eye in the audience (all weeping blood)

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