Simps and Twinks are basically the same things but translated genres

@Ophillous the violence you do to the word twink is unforgivable and one day you will be held to account for your crimes

@byttyrs twinks will never be able to hold me account for anything, any twink who comes at me will simply be foiled when I stick my arm out and put my hand on their forehead and they are no longer able to reach me


@Ophillous @byttyrs others will take up their cause, defending the weak (twinks) against the oppressor (julles)

@Absolutely_Blakely @byttyrs twinks are like bubble wrap, they are comically weak and their destruction is enjoyable too me

@Ophillous @Absolutely_Blakely it's okay if you're anti-twink as long as, like this post and only this post, you are not additionally telling lies about twinks

@byttyrs @Absolutely_Blakely twinks are liminal in the sense that they *are* anything and everything, rather than them *being able to be* anything and everything

@Ophillous @Absolutely_Blakely bees are criminal in the sense that they *are* being summoned to the Hague

@Ophillous @byttyrs this is not even remotely a proper use for the word synecdoche. finding out i didnt know what it meant by looking it up after using it to insult bees

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