glad i decided not to become a full-time artist: the thought of spending tens of thousands of dollars and two to four years at a conservatory, just so i could hopefully have a shot at writing the lobby bossa-nova for an animal crossing game

like, every little interstitial animation, or transition/segue from "courtside" to the commentators on ESPN, every little jingle for Ellen DeGeneres' show - a working artist made that. that was their rent for a month, or a year.

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the full and part-time artists i know hustle harder than anyone on the planet, oftentimes for less; they have to have 5x the business acumen of any CEO on the planet, because they're genuinely making their own money, not reaping the benefits of others' labor

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brutal. thank you to all artists for making our society worth living in.

to everyone else: pay artists. they're doing real labor

AND NOT IN GIFTCARDS. NOT IN EXPOSURE. If you value an artist's work, act like it. nobody can buy groceries or pay rent in exposure

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