*resets the "Treaties Upheld by the US" counter to zero*

maybe dont make your treaty hinge on the idea that the Taliban - a cell network of disparate elements with no centralized leadership or communication structure - wont attack you one day after you sign it

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@Absolutely_Blakely the Afghan government wasnae even invited to the peace talks n aw. This whole "peace process" was a shitshow from the start

@GreenandBlack lol yeah but it's not like the afghan govt is real anyhow

@Absolutely_Blakely aye, the US treating their puppets like shit ain't exactly new is what I mean

@GreenandBlack @Absolutely_Blakely Yeah, at this point Afghanistan and Iraq and whatnot are basically like Guam, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, etc.

They're US territories, stripped of any independence they may have once had and unable to vote in any federal elections that impact their future or hold any representation inside the government.

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