Happy MLK Jr. Day! This is a man whose legacy and words have been coopted and obscured to make him seem less radical than he was. Please treat this thread as a place to educate me (and others raised in public schools) by posting resources in the replies

@Absolutely_Blakely This is less specifically about MLK and more civil rights in general but there is a folder devoted to MLK.!Aj62m7WJFAiPnqRTua

Several years ago a black activist on Twitter posted an archive that they had collected with information for black history month. They mentioned how they had to pay for the storage to keep the archive up and as long as they had the money for it they would continue to do so. For whatever reason I felt compelled to make a backup of all the files in case the original ever went down. Well I'm not on Twitter anymore obviously so the use case of a backup probably isn't useful anymore but I still have all the files.

There's PDFs of books, there are reports, videos and even speeches located in this archive. If anyone remembers who I'm talking about with regards to who made this collection please by all means let me know. Until then feel free to peruse through all these files. I had almost forgotten I had a copy of them.

Gonna leave this pinned to my profile for anyone who wants to use this resource. Also again, if anyone knows who the individual on twitter who actually curated all of this is, let me know so I can attribute them.

@Absolutely_Blakely MLK was a proponent of armed self-defense and he himself had an "arsenal" in his home.

(link to pdf of source text: This Non-violent Stuff'll Get You Killed, by Charles Cobb)

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