twitter is actually a lot like mastodon except bad in every way

@Absolutely_Blakely an oooold friend from Twitter called me yesterday and told me to come back 3 times and said I was missed and after the third one I said "No. You are all dead to me. I will never go back."

@JohnBrownJr @Absolutely_Blakely I have several mufos from there that are now MastoPals bc they made the jump, but I think theyre also on Twitter still. Even when we have "drama"/community issues, it is so so negative there I simply cannot. No one there gives a shit about your mental/emotional health. I could never post there the shit I post here.

@ItsJenNotGabby @JohnBrownJr @Absolutely_Blakely sometimes it's harder because we care about each other but at the end of the day it really is better

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