Man: Prometheus, may i have fire?

Prometheus: to pursue knowledge and art?

Man: yessss

Man: [actually destroys the environment like a boss]

Prometheus looks on as a single tear falls down his face and grins, "I'm so glad you fucks are going to go extinct. Next time get these chains off me. Ingrates"

description bodily violence in greek mythology 

description bodily violence in greek mythology 

@Absolutely_Blakely the closest to anprim I'll ever get is to say I think these two things are indistinguishable in prehistory

@SanfordianPhil oh ho ho. phil this sounds very smart and i dont know enough history to know what you mean

@Absolutely_Blakely uh oh getting too smart on main time to down a monster and hit my head against the wall

@Absolutely_Blakely @SanfordianPhil (just fake it and nod your head, that's what I do whenever anyone discusses theory)

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