honkgry is what u call it when a quackquack wants to eat a breb :3

@pig i realize and accept that this is one of the more offensive things ive said here. no i will not cw

@pig like a stuffed animal head on a pike, demarcating my domain

@Absolutely_Blakely masto's version of "look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair"

@Absolutely_Blakely still not feelin any better about this one in the New Year

@Absolutely_Blakely giving it the rare no-fav boost, just like a certain toot about a person who predicted sikh male headwear...

@Absolutely_Blakely @larrydavis I hate it as well, giving it the even rarer (for me) no fave no boost comment

@ItsJenNotGabby @larrydavis gosh im so honored. This toot, it’s on that fault line between wholesome and cursed

@Absolutely_Blakely update feb 11th, 2019. still despise this toot more than any other

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