Black Philly Radical Collective releases list of demands re: Black Liberation (1/2) 

Massive DC protest planned for today. I don't know who all the organizers are, but the anticipation is a million protestors.

Mastodon has been a great experiment in proving that white queers and tech advocates have a huge fucking problem with racism

USA uprisings 

@Absolutely_Blakely @kelc twitter is a site that Black people use and mastodon is not. Full stop

have to agree. mastodon is getting bodied by twitter right now

personal, go fund me, death, boosts please 

If you would like to donate to my fund for EMT/First Aid training so that I can

1. help as a street medic
2. assist COVID patients

here is a link to donate

let me know if you would like to donate via different means, and I will try to facilitate that

donations will go to formal training as well as equipment. if i exceed my goal, i will sponsor other people to get first aid/CPR certified

separating the art from the artist with an extremely large cheesecloth

quick advice for whoever opens this 

every article i read is the same. it's the end of the world, blah blah blah

every trip to a music store like Sam Ash or Guitar Center fills me with the desire to kick all the employees asses. i have a deep loathing for this particular kind of dude

Telling the border guard that my citizenship is to the Republic of Gamers

me: hmm gender binary feels confining gonna transcend it

queer culture: welcome! please fill out this short questionnaire!
- top or bottom?
- dom or sub?
- butch or femme?
- are you bisexual** or lesbian***?
- please select a flag from the dropdown menu

Like is a flatly loaded term. I might add something weird to my library that I want to check out in detail later, but do I "Like" it? Not necessarily. Do I always Like every song on an album? No, but that doesn't mean it doesn't belong on the album, and in turn in whatever library that album is stored in

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Here is my photo entry to Outline Online 2020, titled "Optical Disctail"

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