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KNZK was good for us. Mastodon is a good community, we have made it a good community, and we're allowed to feel connected to it because its ours

You made so many good friends, and shared so many meaningful laughs. It is not immature to feel sadness at change. It is not something you have to get over. It is natural and healthy to feel sadness and even to enjoy moments of sadness. Be proud that you felt enough to feel sad. It speaks to our genuine emotional connections here

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"Gucci" is a slang term meaning good to go, just fine, doing alright. It derives from two roots, "Grinch" and "Coochie"

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intergalactic customs agent: *reading my interstellar passport* "Ah, humans. A horny, and warlike race."

Me: [wearing nothing but lingerie and ray-guns under my trench coat] *laughs nervously*

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One set of my hips only lies
Where the other only speaks the truth
You may ask them one question, traveler

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math take, academia 

bras are just titty shells

titties are therefore crustaceans

Listen @Gargron I think this is an idea you should consider.


@ItsJenNotGabby @Blakely
from what iโ€™ve been hearing it sounds like he was successful in blowing up several large GEO group transport vehicles, which were probably his original target. they have not been reporting this in the media because they dont want us to know he accomplished his goal. also, law enforcement cameras were not on when they shot him. if i had to guess i would say they are trying to reframe nonviolent property destruction as โ€œterrorismโ€

if you like fallout you should check out my current escape from tarkov stream! allo cheeki breeki!

lewd-ish, actively objectifying men. 

If you live alone on an island long enough you can literally forget human language. And that's the dream

The year is 2021. After Gritty was elected POTUS and proceeded to eat all of congress, the Horn of Validity was blown, and the Witch's Radical Action Council was convened to determine the future of weirdos everywhere. Unfortunately, the faction now spoke exclusively Toki Pona and refused to communicate with the counterrevolutionaries speaking colonialist languages. Declaring a coup d'etat against the Brogrammer He-public, the w.l metalinguistic hive mind melds together like a magical grey goo scenario, its users held together by twine and cat fur. The w.l overmind golem proceeds to eat all gender and spark the third impact, irony poisoning all.

Hey jamokes! Did you know that @cute is a twitch affliate and she plays Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six?! Why not visit her stream so that you can contribute to Brown Trans Woman Gamer?!

Laser Mode: naughty beans
Larry Mode: Mark Discordia

i guess you could say that Andy Ngo, noted fascist propagandist got "flavor blasted" today

A group of fish is called a 'school'.

A group of fedoras is called a "mil'ady".

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