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Guynecology - vaginal, uterine & ovarian reproductive health for the fellas

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do any of the native spanish speakers mufos on mastodon wanna be my internet penpal?

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One set of my hips only lies
Where the other only speaks the truth
You may ask them one question, traveler

photo of me, body stuff 

also, my grandma is next to me and i dont want to post grandma

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photo of me, body stuff 

the only way i've ever looked like this is running like 8 miles a week, and surviving on a diet of cucumbers, scrambled eggs and coffee

seriously i look at this picture and be like "why am i not thin like this 😭 ??" and this picture is taken a month after i returned from a combat deployment where i had no access to alcohol, and the only thing to do for fun was work out and take military sleeping pills

mf looks like they work at a non-profit, and they're gonna tell you the benefits of mindfulness

alright well it looks like no Mastodon or Twitter for today. everybody is on a depressing one

why is everybody talking about wireless application protocol

back in the day, any dunce could read Old Church Slavonic. Today's Millennials care too much about iPhone to learn theory. waaahh

sometimes i like to pretend that there were whole swaths of history where nothing happened, and i think about how nice it would be to live then

stupid US pol 

heh well i'd like to see Trump weasel his way out of this one..

OK, I got it, video game console only for card games: decksbox

video game console developed for and by American singer-songwriters: Beck's Box

video game console for pissed of Irish people: Fecksbox

video game console but it only plays "learn to type" games: Textbox

video game console made from baked cereal snack: Chexbox

video game console that only plays video games based on movies that are widely available for peer-to-peer streaming: Plexbox

video game console that is plugged into your chest like a pacemaker: Pexbox

thing that will one day soon be a video game console: Nextbox

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