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they're called "bit" coins because their value is a running gag

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twitter exodus
tumblr exodus
india exodus

rip to these formerly great websites

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"Gucci" is a slang term meaning good to go, just fine, doing alright. It derives from two roots, "Grinch" and "Coochie"

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intergalactic customs agent: *reading my interstellar passport* "Ah, humans. A horny, and warlike race."

Me: [wearing nothing but lingerie and ray-guns under my trench coat] *laughs nervously*

voting for pete buttigieg bc he eats cinnamon rolls the same way i do

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Just FYI but BC and Canada are who walked away from the table with the Wet'suwet'en tribal leaders yesterday, because the leadership refused to call off the blockades before the meeting started.

Disgusting: "Hey, we'll come talk about a peace treaty, but first: surrender."

I'm Straight But I Have a Perfect, Talking Ass (And He Demands To Be Fed)!

oh just getting some medication at the store dont mind me

dogs can't see red. if you wear red you're invisible to dogs

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gonna start keeping a list of characters who were punished for being right

1. Killmonger
2. Hama

Today was devastating at sabotgarten. There're rumors about an eviction tomorrow with probably lots of cops around. But the tree may be squatted again and people need support!
Let's show them that there are people, who care!
- Breakfast at Sabotgarden!

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