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One set of my hips only lies
Where the other only speaks the truth
You may ask them one question, traveler

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锛集锛睳 锛达集 B E D E P R E S S E D
楝肩 Go And See Great Clown 1989
I am pagliacci
410,757,864,530 DEAD DOCTORS

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it would be totally weird if you referenced someone by name in a post without actually including their handle. don鈥檛 think anyone here would do that though

in hindsight, and in foresight, and in the now, "bazinga" is kind of a shitty catchphrase

the big bang was actually the result of 5-dimensional gods dunking on each other.

tl is kinda boring rn so good time for me to ask , what the fuck is a "smol bean"??

ozymandias used to be the world's most powerful person. but he was the first ever human being to get bofa'd. the shockwave owned him so hard his goliath statue crumbled into dust. only the pedestal remains today

@Absolutely_Blakely Yeah but you get tons of buffs - boosts heal double health and favs provide 50% more mana after your first ascension, and you get even more by doing it multiple times

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