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"Gucci" is a slang term meaning good to go, just fine, doing alright. It derives from two roots, "Grinch" and "Coochie"

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drops boulder on body i have a crush on you full stop

just had a crush on someone again? but im gonna chomp on some toes?

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i am so prepared for snow 🧀 πŸ§₯ πŸ₯Ύ 🍲 πŸ”₯

Make me an executive producer

Unsolved mysteries, but like.....way more goth. Think Aaron Mahnke head writer.

gender reveal party. i open the airlock and we are all sucked out into the vacuum of space. you don't even remember being on a rocket in the first place

plz let me know if I'm reading the room wrong, but we all 😍LOVE😍 capitalism
, right?!?!?!

Boost this toot and I'll tell you how I think you eat coochie

got my head stuck in the mailbox looking for unsealed envelopes to lick

im what they call 'a slut for butts'. i simply love to look at, and touch, butts.

Good morning. This is how white boys eat the coochie

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