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i shouldnt be required to do things i dont like. that's pretty much my political philoshophy. yes, i'm here on radical town and i'm a dumbass. we exist

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One set of my hips only lies
Where the other only speaks the truth
You may ask them one question, traveler

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锛集锛睳 锛达集 B E D E P R E S S E D
楝肩 Go And See Great Clown 1989
I am pagliacci
410,757,864,530 DEAD DOCTORS

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Cindy Lauper: queer activist, four-octave-range singer, synthpop legend, powerful chaotic good entity, and The Ur-Girl Who Just Wanna Have Fun from whom all Girls Who Just Wanna Have Fun draw their power

You, a fool: 鈥淎nime is the greatest invention of mankind.鈥

Me, an intellectual:

why do you like movies so much. they鈥檙e not even real

why can鈥檛 you all just date a nice and normal woman who doesn鈥檛 have tusks or whatever

there's something unpredictable,
but in the end is right
I hope to have a slime for a wife

feudalism is actually pretty fucked up if you think about it

Brooko's clout is crumbling -- and many blame her admin

Everyday is Man Crush Monday when my trash compactor is in working order and I'm thirsting for blood

Authors who include a magic system in their work are braver than the troops.

i am a simple enby.
al i need is dungarees anda kiss and i have neither

@dirt @Red oh fuck am I technically unaffiliated because I silently squatted here for months before you fools arrived

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