This is how u talk to the younger fellers of the newer generations and honestly im living
(This is my baby cousin, who is my sweet angel doll)

((Tinyvoice)) "computorr,,, why u so slwo,,"
[[LOUD]] "Because. I am Hate You"

someone: [has feet that are blinking out a cryptic message in a long, forgotten code]
me, a dumbass, taking a sip from my pipe and adjusting my monocle: those certainly are some,, twinkly toes

Oh so now you’re all going to get mad at the game of thrones guys like you didn’t slack off in senior year of highschool

Boost Em All 1989
I am phone man
410,757,864,530 SHIT POSTS

I am very good at learning things but very bad at paying attention to things.

i love that i am littol i love being litel and small

*DJ Khaled voice* THEY don't want you to know general grievous is as bad ass now as he was when you were 15

@PrinceOfAllCosmos if a goblin were like some kind of horse.. equine goblin.. the centaur of the goblin world..

"Well buck, i got enough tiddy to strangle a tidebeast"

True dismay is trying to explain to your manager why youre loosing your shit after a tiny 5 year old child stares you dead in the eyes and dabs, in an amazing display of agility that only you can see

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