reminder before canada day that canada was built on indigenous genocide, loves to erase its history of slavery, uses neoliberal "multiculturalism" as a shield to avoid criticism for its horrific record of police brutality (especially that of the RCMP) and to elide the fact that some 70% of the global mining interests pillaging the globe in the name of neocolonial empire are headquartered in toronto

Passing on something about white allyship 

hey making a comment bc honestly I need help some more ngl bc with all this fash stuff going on I'm trying to prepare and have my family alright and we're seriously struggling and i'm honestly scared. if you can't give anything that's totally fine I absolutely understand but just a boost helps someone else see thank you

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Science Fiction on the

In light of asshole publishers attacking Hachette Book Group, Inc., Harpercollins Publishers LLC, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and Penguin Random House LLC.

Libraries are important, and we need to do everything to protect the biggest one in the world.

So here's some SF, mostly cyberpunk, mostly POC or marginalized protagonists, mostly collap

#cyberpunk #ScienceFiction

Some notes for protesting. I am not making this public. I have notes at the bottom for if you want to share it.

—If you are livestreaming a protest, and you are recording yourself, or taking selfies, instead of documenting information: you are not an ally. You are a tourist.

—Cover your face. Cover your hair. Cover your tattoos. Wouldn’t want to have any surfaces exposed that could get coronavirus.

—Protect your identity. Obscure your face. There are bad actors on the internet that would love to identify you and track you down for participating in a peaceful protest. Want to feel paranoid? Read about the mysterious deaths of identified Ferguson protestors years later. If you are in the privileged majority, this might be your first time realizing that there are violent people out there who want to hunt you down and harm you for existing. Imagine how POC feel.

they're putting chemicals in the fediverse that turn the freakin' girls gay

nsfw, lewd 

hot take from 1999 if your USB-to-legacy-port adapter isn’t translucent bondi blue and white/silver you have failed; bondi blue *is* the colour of USB

found content that will bridge the gap between the people who get mad we talk about stuff other than cumming and farding and the people who want to talk about math


Susan Fowler Spoke Out Against Sexual Harassment at Uber. The Aftermath Was More Terrifying Than Anything She Faced Before. #uspol #sexualharassment #women

When transferring data between different systems or different protocols it is important to be aware of endianness. There are three types of endianness:
- Big Endian
- Little Endian
- Bell Endian

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